Accident Type

Road Traffic Accident

Sometimes even the most careful of drivers are involved in road traffic accidents. It’s these accidents that can go on to dramatically change people’s lives forever. If you were in an accident that was through no fault of your own, we can help you claim compensation.

Slip & Trip

Slips and trips can be caused by the simplest of problems and can lead to the most severe injuries. Sprains, back pain, knee injuries and even concussions can be the result of a simple trip and fall from an uneven pavement or wet floor.

Accident at Work

Your employer has a responsibility to make sure the work place is safe for you and other staff, if they don’t it can lead to an accident in the work place because of their negligence.

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence (also known as clinical negligence) can sometimes result in horrific results for the victim. Doctors and nurses have a duty to do whatever is best for their patients, whether that includes giving medication or performing surgery, however if they breach that duty you can be a liable for compensation.

Public Liability

Public Liability claims include any accident you may incur while on property that is open to the public. These incidents can lead to distressing and painful injuries which can dramatically change your day to day life, therefore we think you deserve the compensation to help try and make up for it.

Sports Injury

We all know that an injury while playing sport can be extremely painful, but did you know that if the injury was not caused by normal game play and could have been prevented, you could claim against it?


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