Injuries on the leg can affect a number of different places. For example, thigh and hip injuries include pain only at the top of the leg. These are a common injury following a slip and fall or from an object hitting the area with force.

The bottom of the leg (between the knee and ankle) is typically wounded during sporting activities. Some sports require players to wear shin pads to reduce the injury on the shin, however if an organizer does not ensure everyone taking part has the correct equipment on and you are injured, you can claim against their negligence and the injury you incurred. Minor injuries on this area of the leg can include bad bruising made from walking into something.

Serious injuries occur at the ankle, including sprains, fractures or breaks which can sometimes go on to needing surgery to heal properly. Again this can happen while playing a sport or from a bad fall, however any of these injuries affect your mobility massively. Having to use crutches or be in a wheel chair for a temporary time can prevent you from getting to work, resulting in loss of earnings. It can also affect your way of life if you live in a house that is not wheel chair accessible, making everything particularly difficult until you have recovered. Foot injuries such as a broken bone or damaged tendon also affect your mobility and have the same consequences.

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