Slips and trips can be caused by the simplest of problems and can lead to the most severe injuries. Sprains, back pain, knee injuries and even concussions can be the result of a simple trip and fall from an uneven pavement or wet floor.

The most common of accidents occur in poorly maintained areas and seem to be trips over damaged or raised pavement and slips on wet or slippery surfaces. These accidents can result in a range of injuries from the smallest sprain to breaks and long term pain. However, no matter if your injury is small and over within weeks or, on the other hand life altering, we are here to get you compensation for your accident.

If you think you are liable to make a claim due to someone else’s negligence it is important to speak to one of our consultants beforehand and gain some advice as to how the claim will go ahead. Sometimes they can be confusing, therefore our specialist staff are here to keep advising you and keep you up to date with your claim’s progress.

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