Injury Type

Head Injury

Head injuries are usually split into two categories: Brain Injury and Minor Head Injury. Brain injuries are on a much larger scale than minor head injuries, however can still range from minor to severe.

Arm Injury

You use your arms for almost everything in your day to day activities, making them one of the easiest body parts to be injured. The injuries sustained can include broken bones, burns, dislocation, fracture, cuts and bruises to various parts of the arm.

Neck Injury

Your neck plays a very important role as it is made up of muscles and nerves that create movement to the rest of your body. This means neck injuries can be extremely serious if it includes damage to the top of your spine.

Chest Injury

Chest Injuries can be split into two categories; minor soft tissue damage and organ damage. Soft tissue damage is classed as a minor chest injury and includes chest pain that is provoked by coughing, sneezing and breathing deeply, however it usually only lasts a few days.

Back Injury

Back injuries are the most common type of injury that occurs in the work place. People suffer from it when they attempt to lift something that is too heavy for them or do not lift something the correct way

Leg Injury

Injuries on the leg can affect a number of different places. For example, thigh and hip injuries include pain only at the top of the leg. These are a common injury following a slip and fall or from an object hitting the area with force.

Shoulder Injury

There are many ways your shoulder can be injured, whether it is your bone, muscles, tendons or ligaments. Injuries can vary from minor to serious, minor injuries tend only to include mild pain, loss of function, discomfort or stiffness, all of which are cured within a short period of time.