Public Liability claims include any accident you may incur while on property that is open to the public. These incidents can lead to distressing and painful injuries which can dramatically change your day to day life, therefore we think you deserve the compensation to help try and make up for it.

There are a range of incidents that are involved in public liability claims that happen to people every day. For example if work is getting done on the side of a road equipment must be assembled, or left if workmen have gone, in the correct condition so as not to cause a hazard. If this is not the case and you are involved in an accident because of it you can make a public liability claim.

When you make a public liability claim, you are claiming against the organization who owned the property or equipment in which caused your accident, therefore there is certain information you need to gather to ensure it can be made. If it happens in a public place, such as a shop, make sure staff at the shop take note of it in an accident book so there is proof of it happening. Photographs are particularly useful as they also give proof of the incident, and evidence as to how the hazard should not have arisen to begin with. Witness details give the opportunity to get a third party to explain what happened also to strengthen your claim against the word of the opposing organization.

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