You use your arms for almost everything in your day to day activities, making them one of the easiest body parts to be injured. The injuries sustained can include broken bones, burns, dislocation, fracture, cuts and bruises to various parts of the arm.

Your wrist is a place most sustainable to injury, mostly from falling over. This could lead to something as minor as a sprain to a fractured or broken bone. If you have fallen over at work due to something that wasn’t your fault, you could be liable to make a claim.

Injury to your elbow can be sustained from a variety of things such as sport injuries or because of the job you work as. For example, dislocated or broken elbows can be a result of an awkward landing after falling over while playing sport, whereas Tennis elbow is induced because of repetitive tasks such as hammering, which you may have to do at work.

A range of other injuries can incur on any place on your arms which, if they were a result of something that wasn’t your fault, can make you liable to make a claim. Speak to one of our friendly consultants to see if you can make a claim.

Type of Injury Claim Amount
Injury Possible Claim Amount Post Traumatic Stress disorder (minor to severe) £1800 – £5000
Complete loss of sight in one eye £26000 – £29000
Hearing loss (minor to severe) £4200 – £21000
Whiplash (minor) £900 – £4050
Whiplash (moderate) £4050 – £11750
Whiplash (severe) £13150 – £80000
Hip or pelvis injury (moderate) £14250 – £21900
Fractured shoulder £2550 – £6800
Broken arm (simple fracture) £3450 – £11500
Fractured index finger £5500 – £6100
Serious toe injury £5150 – £7100
Wrist injury with ongoing problems £6250 – £12500

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