Your neck plays a very important role as it is made up of muscles and nerves that create movement to the rest of your body. This means neck injuries can be extremely serious if it includes damage to the top of your spine. Spine damage can make life altering results such as severe handicap or paralysis in the worst cases, which lead to large amounts of compensation. Severe injuries such as these can be the result of falling from a height or a bad injury in certain sports.

However, the most common neck injury is whiplash which most of the time occurs after a car accident. Symptoms can appear days after the accident has happened however it makes it painful for the victim to move due to damages in the muscles in the neck.

Neck injuries can be the most severe therefore need the most treatment. It can take years to recover from a serious neck injury hence why we believe you deserve compensation to help make up for the pain, refund for treatment you possibly had to pay for, and loss of earnings.

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