Back injuries are the most common type of injury that occurs in the work place. People suffer from it when they attempt to lift something that is too heavy for them or do not lift something the correct way, therefore employers have to give their staff the correct training before they work to allow them to understand how to reduce the risk of injury. If the employer does not provide training and an employee is injured because of it, the employee is then liable to make a claim.

Treatments for back injury include a lot of rest and usually ice pack on the swollen or injured area. Depending on the severity of the injury other treatments can be as extreme as surgery or physiotherapy. Falling over or landing incorrectly after jumping from a height can also have an outcome of back injury, however these are usually more serious such as a break or fracture.

A back injury could mean a lot of time off work to recover, resulting in loss of earnings, however that loss can be repaid if you carry out an injury claim.

Type of Injury Claim Amount
Injury Possible Claim Amount Post Traumatic Stress disorder (minor to severe) £1800 – £5000
Complete loss of sight in one eye £26000 – £29000
Hearing loss (minor to severe) £4200 – £21000
Whiplash (minor) £900 – £4050
Whiplash (moderate) £4050 – £11750
Whiplash (severe) £13150 – £80000
Hip or pelvis injury (moderate) £14250 – £21900
Fractured shoulder £2550 – £6800
Broken arm (simple fracture) £3450 – £11500
Fractured index finger £5500 – £6100
Serious toe injury £5150 – £7100
Wrist injury with ongoing problems £6250 – £12500

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