Medical negligence (also known as clinical negligence) can sometimes result in horrific results for the victim. Doctors and nurses have a duty to do whatever is best for their patients, whether that includes giving medication or performing surgery, however if they breach that duty you can be a liable for compensation.

Breach of care can include a wide range of things including delayed or failed diagnosis, failure to obtain permission before treatment and even delayed referral to a specialist. However it is not just doctors that this applies to, similar attitudes are given to nurses, dentists, psychiatrists and even midwives. The results of a medical professional making a mistake with a patient can cost the patients’ life. This makes children of the patient, parents and next of kin liable to make the claim if they pass away.

In order to make the claim, your solicitor would need evidence and proof of which medical person is to blame. If you were treated by several doctors, a letter is sent to all of them and then frequently the defendant is the NHS Trust, however if you were treated by a private doctor the defendant will be the doctor himself. Furthermore, your solicitor then requests all of your relevant medical records, and an examiner from the defendant will usually come and examine you themselves to make sure your claims are true. If the patient has passed away, the requested documents will be post-mortem reports. If you are unsure as to whether you can make a medical negligence claim, call one of our friendly consultants and they will tell you if your claim is liable.

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