Head injuries are usually split into two categories: Brain Injury and Minor Head Injury. Brain injuries are on a much larger scale than minor head injuries, however can still range from minor to severe.

Severe brain injuries can be life changing whereas minor brain injuries can result in short term symptoms, such as emotional, behavioral or physical. The amount of compensation you receive from a brain injury depends on which category your injury resides to, whether it be a minor, moderate or severe.

On the other hand, minor head injuries are minimal but again the level of compensation would depend on the severity of the injury. Unlike brain injuries, compensation for minor head injuries are calculated by what the injury is itself, the length of time taken to recover and if there are any ongoing symptoms, such as headaches, after recovery.

Type of Injury Claim Amount
Injury Possible Claim Amount Post Traumatic Stress disorder (minor to severe) £1800 – £5000
Complete loss of sight in one eye £26000 – £29000
Hearing loss (minor to severe) £4200 – £21000
Whiplash (minor) £900 – £4050
Whiplash (moderate) £4050 – £11750
Whiplash (severe) £13150 – £80000
Hip or pelvis injury (moderate) £14250 – £21900
Fractured shoulder £2550 – £6800
Broken arm (simple fracture) £3450 – £11500
Fractured index finger £5500 – £6100
Serious toe injury £5150 – £7100
Wrist injury with ongoing problems £6250 – £12500

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